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Model Simplification with Dependency Analysis

Trace dependencies of ports, signals, and blocks, slice larger models into simplified standalone models

Dependency analysis is determining the interdependencies of blocks, signals, and model components throughout a model. Use Model Slicer to better understand functional dependencies in large or complex models, where determining dependencies can be a lengthy process. See Workflow for Dependency Analysis.


SLSlicerAPI.SLSlicerClass representing a set of Model Slicer functionality
SLSlicerAPI.ParameterDependenceClass to determine the impact of parameters on a Simulink Model (Since R2021b)


slslicerCreate API object for invoking Model Slicer
slsliceroptionsCreate options object for configuring Model Slicer
slslicertraceReturn block handles in sliced model or source model after using Model Slicer


Introduction to Dependency Analysis

Refine Highlighted Model

Creating Simplified Standalone Model