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OpenCV Interface for Simulink

Import OpenCV code into Simulink®

The Computer Vision Toolbox™ Interface for OpenCV in Simulink enables you to import OpenCV code into Simulink. This support package requires Computer Vision Toolbox and Simulink Coder™.

You can also generate C++ code from the Simulink model and deploy into your target hardware.

You can import OpenCV code to a Simulink model by using the OpenCV Importer app. For more information, see Install and Use Computer Vision Toolbox Interface for OpenCV in Simulink.


FromOpenCVConverts OpenCV data types to Simulink data types (Da R2020a)
ToOpenCVConverts Simulink data types to OpenCV data types (Da R2020a)
Image To MatrixConverts Simulink image data to matrix data (Da R2021b)
Matrix To ImageConverts matrix data to Simulink image data (Da R2021b)