Problem connecting CCS v3.3 and Simulink

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Lucas on 12 Nov 2011
Edited: Venkatesh Chilapur on 16 Jul 2020
I want to generate a Code for my TI C2000 F28335 processor. Code Composer Studio is able to connect with the processor, but every time I try to build a model for it in Matlab I get following failures:
"The call to idelink_ert_make_rtw_hook, during the entry hook generated the following error: Could not connect to the board specified in Target Preferences block.
The build process will terminate as a result.
Could not obtain board configuration from Code Composer Studio™. Make sure that Code Composer Studio is installed and properly registered.
Error map is empty."
I use MatlabR2011b and I have the embedded Coder.
Can anyone help me?

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Antonin on 23 Jan 2012
First you need to make sure that CCS v3.3 is installed on your machine and that a board is selected in the CCS Setup. You can pick a simulator if you don't have hardware, but you must be able to open CCS and connect (Alt+C).
Then in Matlab, try the following command: cc = ticcs
This should return a valid object (cc) that you can use to control CCS.
The following command will also help you check your installation:
checkEnvSetup('ccs', 'F28335', 'check')
Generating code from a simulink model will be easy after you pass this steps.
I hope it helps, good luck!
Venkatesh Chilapur
Venkatesh Chilapur on 16 Jul 2020
Edited: Venkatesh Chilapur on 16 Jul 2020
The Simulator is part of CCS.
But the recent release of CCS don't support simulation(I believe) as getting a hardware board is much cost effective now.

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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 14 Nov 2011
If you're on a 64-bit machine, please ensure that you also have installed 64-bit MATLAB (type "mexext" to see if the returned architecture type contains 64 or not).
Panagis on 23 Nov 2011
I have exactly the same problem with Lucas (F28335 processor and 64-bit Matlab). I am using CCS 3.3. CSSBOARDINFO results to:
You cannot invoke CCSBOARDINFO on a 64-Bit Microsoft(R) Windows(R) platform.
The IDE Link adaptor for use with Texas Instruments(TM) Code Composer Studio(TM) is not supported on this platform.
Refer to the IDE Link System Requirements for platforms supported by this adaptor.
Any suggestions? Is there another IDE link adaptor that I can use with CCS 3.3 that can work under windows 64-bit?

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LIANG on 29 Dec 2011
I am also seen the same error message as Lucas mentioned above. My system is windows 32bit, Matlab 2011b with embedded coder, CCS 3.3. Anyone can help?
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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 29 Dec 2011
Have you run checkenvsetup and ccsboardinfo?

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H Zamzuri
H Zamzuri on 6 Jan 2012
dear Liang and other do you have sovlve the issues.. i got the same problem. thank you

Hossein on 2 Mar 2012
I have the same problem and I have checked my CCS as below... my exist CCS version and require one has some differences .what should I do now?
checkEnvSetup('ccs', 'F28335 eZdsp', 'check')
1. CCS (Code Composer Studio) Your version : Required version: Required for : Automation and Code Generation
2. CGT (Texas Instruments C2000 Code Generation Tools) Your version : 5.1.0 Required version: 5.2.1 Required for : Code generation
3. DSP/BIOS (Real Time Operating System) Your version : 5.33.03 Required version: 5.33.05 Required for : Real-Time Data Exchange (RTDX)
4. Flash Tools (TMS320C28335 Flash APIs) Your version : 2.10 Required version: 2.10 Required for : Flash Programming FLASH_28335_API_INSTALLDIR=""
>> ccsboardinfo
Board Board Proc Processor Processor
Num Name Num Name Type - --------------- 0 F28335_eZdsp 0 cpu_0 TMS320F2800
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Hossein on 3 Mar 2012
My problem have been solved just by changing the version MATLAB from 2011 to 2008...
but still have problem because I couldn't see the output from ePWM1B of DSP...

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