We have a new community highlights channel!

David il 21 Gen 2020 (Modificato il 19 Mar 2020)
Ultime attività Modificato da David il 19 Mar 2020

I'm please to announce this new MATLAB Central feature for posting community highlights. This new channel will:

  • Allow MathWorks and the community leaders to easily post newsworthy items to the community
  • Allow community visitors to respond to these posts with Likes and Replies
  • Allow anyone to follow/subscribe the channel so they can be notified of new posts

What do we mean by newsworthy?  In short, this means anything we think some or all of the community might like to know. Here are some examples of what we’re thinking about posting to this new channel.

  • New or upcoming community features or events
  • User highlights (e.g. examples of good behavior, interesting posts)
  • Interesting content (e.g. File Exchange pick of the week submissions)
  • Release notes and new features
  • Polls (future)

New highlights will appear on the community home page at the time they are posted and all past highlights can be found by going to the community home page and clicking the Highlights link in the right column.

As always, let us know what you think by liking this post or commenting below.