Chen Lin

User Spotlight: Rik

Chen Lin il 11 Maggio 2020
Ultime attività Replicato da Rena Berman il 11 Maggio 2020

Today, I'm spotlighting Rik, our newest and the 31st MVP in MATLAB Answers. Two weeks ago, we just celebrated Ameer Hamza for reaching the MVP milestone. Today, we are thrilled that we have another new MVP!

Since his first answer in Feb 2017, Rik has been contributing high-quality answers every quarter!

Besides those high-quality answers, Rik so far has submitted 21 files to File Exchange, one of which was chosen by MathWorks as the 'Pick of the Week'. Check the shining badge below.

Congratulations Rik! Thank you for your hard work and outstanding contributions.

Rena Berman
Rena Berman il 11 Maggio 2020

Congratulations Rik!!

Adam Danz
Adam Danz il 11 Maggio 2020

I've learned a lot from Rik!


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