Introducing the new ThingSpeak community

David il 25 Gen 2021
Ultime attività Replicato da Tesfaye Girma il 12 Mar 2021

We have created a new community for users of ThingSpeak. This new community is for students, researchers, and engineers looking to use MATLAB, Simulink, and ThingSpeak for Internet of Things applications. You can find the latest ThingSpeak news, tutorials to jump-start your next IoT project, and a forum to engage in a discussion on your latest cloud-based project. You can see answers to problems other users have solved and share how you solved a problem.

Christopher Stapels will be moderating the new ThingSpeak community .

We encourage you to visit the new community and share best practices, examples, and ask questions.

Tesfaye Girma
Tesfaye Girma il 12 Mar 2021

thank so much for creating such a very interesting and wonderful platform so that researchers can use this opportunity for their research quality

Shauban Ali Solangi
Shauban Ali Solangi il 7 Feb 2021

Thanks for creating such a wonderful community site.

Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels il 26 Gen 2021

Thanks David. We are really excited to get this new community format to continue the fruitful discussions we have had in our previous ThingSpeak community site. The combinations of MATLAB Answers and a discussions space should help us keep that helpful sharing going.