Video and Webinar Series

Technical Computing with MATLAB

There is nothing like seeing an expert MATLAB user in action to learn plenty of tips and tricks about using MATLAB. Not everyone can get to one of our free live seminars, so Jiro and I made this recording. We will be presenting the 37 minutes of video in a series of 9 short, daily videos here on the blog.

Overview of Problem and Results This video introduces the MATLAB work flow and presents a case study that will be solved using MATLAB. The case study is about designing an engine cooling fan.

Importing from Excel and the MATLAB Desktop This video shows how to bring data in from Excel without programming, we then automate the process of bringing in this file again. The workspace browser, current directory browser and import wizard are used.

Plot Tools for Customizing Plots This video shows how to use plot tools to customize graphics.

Automating Plots with Code Generation This video shows how to automate plotting by generating the m-code that will recreate the plot from the last step. This code is then customized for this application.

Recap and Design of Experiments (DOE) This video recaps the project so far and discusses Design of Experiments (DOE).

Making Scripts from Command History and Cell Mode This video covers making scripts from your command history and cell mode.

Optimize the Design This video covers optimizing the design based on test points.

Designing for Variability This video covers designing for variability.

Recap And Automated Reporting This video is a recap and covers automated reporting.