Hardware Support

Hardware Support from Data Acquisition Toolbox

Acquire data from USB, PXI, and PCI data acquisition devices from National Instruments and other vendors.

You can develop data acquisition systems using MATLAB and Data Acquisition Toolbox with support for multiple hardware manufacturers. This support gives you the flexibility to connect DAQ hardware from multiple manufacturers when creating MATLAB applications, or to switch data acquisition hardware in the future while continuing to use MATLAB as your software environment. Data Acquisition Toolbox also supports sound acquisition and sound generation using Microsoft® Windows® compatible sound cards.

Data Acquisition Toolbox also provides Simulink with blocks that enable you to incorporate live data or hardware configuration directly into Simulink models. You can verify and validate your model against live, measured data as part of Model-Based Design.

Manufacturers supported by Data Acquisition Toolbox include:

Prior Release Support

Beginning with R2016a, MATLAB is no longer available on 32-bit systems. The existing vendor drivers for some data acquisition hardware are 32-bit only and therefore only supported by Data Acquisition Toolbox R2015b and earlier. The following table lists the manufacturers whose devices are only supported on these prior releases. This list may change as new adapters are created for some of these devices. If you would like to see support for one of these manufacturers reintroduced in the current release, please submit a request.