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Modelli con ritardi temporali

Sistemi con ritardi di input, output, trasporto e interni

Utilizzare le proprietà InputDelay, OutputDelay e ioDelay dei modelli di sistemi dinamici per rappresentare i ritardi temporali. Vedere Time Delays in Linear Systems.


padePadé approximation of models with time delay
absorbDelayReplace time delays by poles at z = 0 or phase shift
thiranGenerate fractional delay filter based on Thiran approximation
hasdelayTrue for linear model with time delays
hasInternalDelayDetermine if model has internal delays
totaldelayTotal combined I/O delays for LTI model
delayssCreate state-space models with delayed inputs, outputs, and states
setDelayModelConstruct state-space model with internal delays
getDelayModelState-space representation of internal delays


Nozioni di base sul ritardo temporale

  • Specifying Time Delays
    This example shows how the Control System Toolbox™ lets you represent, manipulate, and analyze any LTI model with a finite number of delays.

Ritardi temporali del modello

Ritardi temporali approssimativi