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Web Map Display

Display vector data on web maps


webmap Open web map
wmclose Close web map
wmprint Print web map
wmmarker Display geographic marker on web map
wmline Display geographic line on web map
wmpolygonDisplay geographic polygon on web map
wmremove Remove overlay on web map
wmcenterSet or obtain web map center point
wmzoomSet or obtain zoom level of web map
wmlimits Set or obtain web map limits
addCustomBasemapAdd custom basemap
removeCustomBasemapRemove custom basemap


Introduction to Web Map Display

Web maps are interactive maps that are accessed through web pages and require a live internet connection.

Basic Workflow for Displaying Web Maps

When interacting with a web map, you can select a base layer, add additional information using overlay layers, draw geographic markers, pan and zoom the map, and print the map.

Annotate a Web Map with Measurement Information

This example shows how to use a web map to get information about a geographic feature. You can annotate the map with drawings and text to depict the information.

Troubleshoot Common Problems with Web Maps

Learn why a web map can contain empty tiles, or why a web map can lose detail when you zoom in.