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Semantic Segmentation

Semantic image segmentation

Semantic segmentation associates each pixel of an image with a class label, such as flower, person, road, sky, or car. Use the Image Labeler and the Video Labeler apps to interactively label pixels and export the label data for training a neural network.

Input image of a seascape, then a series of cubes representing a deep learning network and a semantic segmented output image of the input.


Image LabelerLabel images for computer vision applications
Video LabelerLabel video for computer vision applications


espandi tutto

combineCombine data from multiple datastores
countEachLabelCount occurrence of pixel or box labels
groundTruthGround truth label data
imageDatastoreDatastore for image data
pixelLabelDatastoreDatastore for pixel label data
pixelLabelTrainingDataCreate training data for semantic segmentation from ground truth
balancePixelLabelsBalance pixel labels by oversampling block locations in large images (Da R2020a)
imwarpApply geometric transformation to image
imcropCrop image
imresizeResize image
transformTransform datastore
randomAffine2dCreate randomized 2-D affine transformation (Da R2019b)
randomWindow2dRandomly select rectangular region in image (Da R2021a)
centerCropWindow2dCreate rectangular center cropping window (Da R2019b)
unetCreate U-Net convolutional neural network for semantic segmentation (Da R2024a)
unet3dCreate 3-D U-Net convolutional neural network for semantic segmentation of volumetric images (Da R2024a)
deeplabv3plusCreate DeepLab v3+ convolutional neural network for semantic image segmentation (Da R2024a)
focalCrossEntropyCompute focal cross-entropy loss (Da R2020b)
semanticsegSemantic image segmentation using deep learning
segmentAnythingModelPretrained Segment Anything Model (SAM) for semantic segmentation (Da R2024a)
labeloverlayOverlay label matrix regions on 2-D image
volshowDisplay volume
insertObjectMask Insert masks in image or video stream (Da R2020b)
evaluateSemanticSegmentationEvaluate semantic segmentation data set against ground truth
bfscoreContour matching score for image segmentation
diceSørensen-Dice similarity coefficient for image segmentation
generalizedDiceGeneralized Sørensen-Dice similarity coefficient for image segmentation (Da R2021a)
jaccardJaccard similarity coefficient for image segmentation
segmentationConfusionMatrixConfusion matrix of multi-class pixel-level image segmentation (Da R2020b)
semanticSegmentationMetricsSemantic segmentation quality metrics


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