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Pretrained Networks

Use pretrained image networks to quickly learn new tasks

Use transfer learning to take advantage of the knowledge provided by a pretrained network to learn new patterns in new image data. Fine-tuning a pretrained image classification network with transfer learning is typically much faster and easier than training from scratch. Using pretrained deep networks enables you to quickly create models for new tasks without defining and training a new network, having millions of images, or having a powerful GPU. To explore the pretrained networks available, use Deep Network Designer.


Deep Network DesignerProgetta, visualizza e addestra le reti di Deep Learning


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trainingOptionsOpzioni per l’addestramento della rete neurale di Deep Learning
trainNetworkTrain neural network
trainnetTrain deep learning neural network (Da R2023b)
analyzeNetworkAnalyze deep learning network architecture
squeezenetSqueezeNet convolutional neural network
googlenetRete neurale convoluzionale GoogLeNet
inceptionv3Rete neurale convoluzionale Inception-v3
densenet201DenseNet-201 convolutional neural network
mobilenetv2Rete neurale convoluzionale MobileNet-v2 (Da R2019a)
resnet18Rete neurale convoluzionale ResNet-18
resnet50Rete neurale convoluzionale ResNet-50
resnet101Rete neurale convoluzionale ResNet-101
xceptionXception convolutional neural network (Da R2019a)
inceptionresnetv2Rete neurale convoluzionale Inception-ResNet-v2 preaddestrata
nasnetlargePretrained NASNet-Large convolutional neural network (Da R2019a)
nasnetmobilePretrained NASNet-Mobile convolutional neural network (Da R2019a)
shufflenetPretrained ShuffleNet convolutional neural network (Da R2019a)
darknet19DarkNet-19 convolutional neural network (Da R2020a)
darknet53DarkNet-53 convolutional neural network (Da R2020a)
efficientnetb0EfficientNet-b0 convolutional neural network (Da R2020b)
alexnetRete neurale convoluzionale AlexNet
vgg16Rete neurale convoluzionale VGG-16
vgg19Rete neurale convoluzionale VGG-19
classifyClassify data using trained deep learning neural network
predictPredict responses using trained deep learning neural network
activationsCompute deep learning network layer activations
confusionchartCreate confusion matrix chart for classification problem
sortClassesSort classes of confusion matrix chart


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PredictPredict responses using a trained deep learning neural network (Da R2020b)
Image ClassifierClassifica i dati utilizzando una rete neurale addestrata di Deep Learning (Da R2020b)