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C Libraries in MATLAB

Directly call C library functions from MATLAB®

A shared library is a collection of functions dynamically loaded by an application at run time. This MATLAB interface supports libraries containing functions defined in C header files. To call functions in C++ libraries, see the interface described in C++ Libraries in MATLAB.


loadlibraryLoad C shared library into MATLAB
unloadlibraryUnload shared C library from memory
calllibCall function in C shared library
libfunctionsReturn information on functions in shared C library
libfunctionsviewDisplay shared C library function signatures in window
libisloadedDetermine if shared C library is loaded
libpointerPointer object for use with shared C library
libstructConvert MATLAB structure to C-style structure for use with shared C library


lib.pointerPointer object compatible with C pointer


Call C Functions in Shared Libraries

How to call functions in external, shared C libraries from MATLAB.

Pass Arguments to Shared C Library Functions

How to construct MATLAB arguments compatible with the argument types found in the library functions.

Represent Pointer Arguments in C Shared Library Functions

How to use libpointer to pass arguments by reference.

Represent Structure Arguments in C Shared Library Functions

Requirements for passing a MATLAB structure to an external library function.

MATLAB Prototype Files

How to modify C header file information.

Risoluzione dei problemi

Limitations to Shared Library Support

C language features not supported.

Limitations Using Structures

Rules for using C language structures in a shared library.

Loading Library Errors

Errors occur when the shared library is not a valid library.

No Matching Signature Error

This error occurs when you call a function without the correct input or output arguments, or if there is an error in the function signature in the header file.

MATLAB Terminates Unexpectedly When Calling Function in Shared Library

Some shared libraries, compiled as Microsoft® Windows® 32-bit libraries, use a calling convention that is incompatible with the default MATLAB calling convention.