Video and Webinar Series

Prototype, Validate, and Deploy Multi-Patient Ventilator Systems

Learn how to model and simulate multi-patient ventilator systems using MATLAB® and Simulink® with various ventilator parameters such as chest compliance, airway resistance, and PEEP. Discover how to deploy this model as a stand-alone web application using Simulink Compiler™ and MATLAB Web App Server™. Then watch an overview about the verification and validation workflow.

Introduction to Model-Based Design Learn about the COVID BreathSIM project and how MathWorks and Quadrus Medical Technologies collaborated to simulate multi-patient ventilator systems using a Model-Based Design approach.

Overview of a Multi-Patient Ventilator Model Dr. Nicolas Chbat from Quadrus Medical Technologies covers the basics of ventilators, the physiology of lungs, and the parameters that govern the working of a ventilator.

Deployment of a Multi-Patient Ventilator Model Learn how to use Simulink Compiler to deploy the Simulink model of the ventilator as a standalone web application.

Verification and Validation, and Certification Overview Watch an overview of verification and validation and certification capabilities available in MATLAB and Simulink for medical device development.