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Generated Code Interfacing

Tune parameters and measure signal data by using ASAP2 and C API interfaces and view generated code metadata

Some applications must exchange data between generated code and external application code. Use the ASAP2 and CDF interface to establish a communication channel between development and target computers, export an ASAP2 file containing description format of the internal ECU variables, or export a Calibration Data Format (CDF) file containing the information about parameters in a machine-readable format. Use the C API to exchange data between generated code and external code.

To obtain metadata about the generated code, use the code descriptor programming interface.

Sample Target Environment Service Implementations of Data Communication Methods shows samples of how target environment services might implement the three types of data communication methods: direct access, outside execution, and during execution.


Generate Calibration FilesGenerate ASAP2 and CDF files


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coder.asap2.AxisInfoSet values for axis to describe lookup table
coder.asap2.CharacteristicCreate characteristic object
coder.asap2.CompuMethodCreate compu method object
coder.asap2.FunctionCreate function object
coder.asap2.MeasurementCreate measurement object
coder.asap2.mergeMerge data elements from multiple ASAP2 (A2L) files
coder.asap2.RecordLayoutCreate record layout object
coder.asap2.getEcuDescriptionsECU description object for model
coder.asap2.UserCustomizeBaseCustomize project and module settings
coder.codedescriptor.CodeDescriptorReturn information about generated code
coder.descriptor.DataInterfaceReturn information about different types of data interfaces
coder.descriptor.FunctionInterfaceReturn information about entry-point functions
coder.descriptor.LookupTableDataInterfaceReturn information about Lookup Table blocks that have tunable parameters
coder.descriptor.BreakpointDataInterfaceReturn information about tunable breakpoint set data for a lookup table that has tunable parameters
coder.descriptor.DataTransferElementReturn information about data transfer signal
coder.descriptor.DataTransferFunctionReturn information about function prototypes for data transfer service interfaces
coder.descriptor.DataTransferServiceInterfaceReturn information about data transfer service interface
coder.descriptor.MeasurementServiceInterfaceReturn information about measurement service interfaces
coder.descriptor.ParameterTuningServiceInterfaceReturn information about parameter tuning service interfaces
coder.descriptor.ParameterArgumentTuningServiceInterfaceReturn information about parameter argument tuning service interfaces
coder.descriptor.SenderReceiverServiceInterfaceReturn information about sender and receiver service interfaces
coder.descriptor.ServiceFunctionsReturn list of service functions that entry-point function calls
coder.descriptor.ServiceInterfaceReturn service interface information required to generate service functions
coder.descriptor.TimerFunctionRetrieve information about function prototypes for timer services
coder.descriptor.TimerServiceInterfaceReturn information about timer service interface


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coder.asap2.exportGenerate ASAP2 (A2L) file according to ASAM MCD-2 MC standards
coder.cdf.exportGenerate CDF (Calibration Data Format) file according to ASAM AE CDF standards
getCodeDescriptorCreate coder.codedescriptor.CodeDescriptor object for model


ASAP2 and CDF Interface

C API Interface

Code Descriptor Interface