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Create Report Programs Using the Report API

Write MATLAB® programs that generate reports

To create programs that generate reports about Simulink® models and Stateflow® charts, use the Simulink Report Generator™ Report API together with the MATLAB Report Generator Report API and DOM API. The Simulink Report Generator Report API provides classes that you can use to find and format information about Simulink models and Stateflow charts. The MATLAB Report Generator API provides classes that you can use to create and format a title page, table of contents, chapters, and other report elements.


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slreportgen.finder.AnnotationFinder Find Simulink annotation objects
slreportgen.finder.BlockFinder Find Simulink blocks
slreportgen.finder.BlockResult Create block finder result object
slreportgen.finder.ChartDiagramFinder Create Stateflow chart finder
slreportgen.finder.DataDictionaryFinderFind data dictionaries
slreportgen.finder.DataDictionaryResultData dictionary search result object
slreportgen.finder.DiagramElementFinderCreate diagram element finder object
slreportgen.finder.DiagramElementResult Create diagram element finder result object
slreportgen.finder.DiagramFinder Create finder for diagrams
slreportgen.finder.DiagramResult Create diagram result finder object
slreportgen.finder.FunctionReferenceFinderFind MATLAB function references in Simulink blocks
slreportgen.finder.FunctionReferenceResultSearch result object that represents a MATLAB function reference
slreportgen.finder.ModelVariableFinderFinds variables used by a Simulink model
slreportgen.finder.ModelVariableResultModel variable search result object
slreportgen.finder.SignalFinderFind signals used by model or block
slreportgen.finder.SignalResultSignal search result object
slreportgen.finder.StateFinder Find Stateflow states
slreportgen.finder.StateflowDiagramElementFinderFind Stateflow diagram elements
slreportgen.finder.StateflowObjectFinderFind Stateflow objects
slreportgen.finder.StateflowObjectResult Create Stateflow result object
slreportgen.finder.SystemDiagramFinder Create block diagram finder

Superclass for Reporters for Simulink reporters

Model Reporters data dictionary reporter task and block execution order reporter for MATLAB function references configuration set reporter variable reporter or Stateflow diagram notes reporter Report Explorer-based reporter hierarchy reporter

Diagram Reporters on Simulink annotations Caller block reporter Function block reporter diagram reporter DocBlock reporter Element diagram snapshot and caption reporter table block reporter Function block or Stateflow MATLAB function reporter System block reporter object properties reporter object properties reporter Transition Table Reporter Sequence block reporter Truth table reporter

Signal Reporters for buses selected or created by Simulink blocks bus object reporter reporter system input and output signal reporter

Summary Table Reporter Summary table reporter for finder results


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