Reference Architecture

Monitor Industrial Processes and Develop Predictive Analytics with OPC UA, MATLAB, and MATLAB Production Server

Develop MATLAB functions with OPC UA data to discover trends, detect defects, uncover insights, and predict events. Deploy these functions to your production environment.

MATLAB Interface for OPC UA

Connect to your OPC UA server and access time-stamped data from MATLAB® using the MATLAB interface for OPC UA included with Industrial Communication Toolbox™. Analyze the data using your own algorithms or leverage dozens of domain-specific MATLAB toolboxes.

You can:

  • Visualize the findings.
  • Create reports and share your insights.
  • Detect anomalies.
  • Identify preventative maintenance patterns.
  • Develop anomaly detection and predictive maintenance models using OPC UA plant data, Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox™, and Predictive Maintenance Toolbox™.
  • Generate a model that can be later used on streaming data in production with the MATLAB Production Server™ interface for OPC UA.

Algorithm development and analysis workflow​.

Interface with Your OPC UA Server Using Industrial Communication Toolbox

MATLAB Production Server Interface for OPC UA

With the MATLAB Production Server interface for OPC UA, you can use MATLAB functions as part of your production workflow.

You can stream OPC UA data into MATLAB Production Server to run automated analyses on your plant data. You can also write analysis results back to your OPC UA server and use them in your reports. 

In addition, you can:

  • Automate algorithm execution with production data from OPC UA.
  • React to data changes efficiently through subscriptions.
  • Run multiple analyses at scale with MATLAB Production Server.
  • Write results back to your OPC UA server or other downstream systems, adding deep insight to process monitoring.
Production deployment workflow.

Production deployment workflow.

Download the MATLAB Production Server Interface for OPC UA

Release 0.2.2

Required Products for MATLAB Production Server Interface for OPC UA (R2023b and later)

OPC UA Server

Must have secured access credentials for OPC UA Server.

MATLAB Production Server Interface for OPC UA runs on Windows, Linux or Mac platforms