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Routing del segnale

Blocchi di routing del segnale, come creatore e commutatore di bus

Utilizzare i blocchi della libreria routing del segnale per creare segnali compositi, gestire archivi di dati e passare da un input all’altro.


Bus AssignmentAssign new values to specified bus elements
Bus CreatorGroup input signals or messages into bus
Bus SelectorSelect elements from input bus
Data Store MemoryDefine data store
Data Store ReadRead data from data store
Data Store WriteWrite data to data store
DemuxExtract and output elements of virtual vector signal
Environment Controller(Removed) Create branches of block diagram that apply only to simulation or only to code generation
FromAccept input from Goto block
GotoPass block input to From blocks
Goto Tag VisibilityDefine scope of Goto block tag
Index VectorSwitch output between different inputs based on value of first input
Manual SwitchCommutare tra due input
Manual Variant SinkSwitch between multiple variant choices at output
Manual Variant SourceSwitch between multiple variant choices at input
MergeCombine multiple signals into single signal
Multiport SwitchSelect output signal based on control signal
MuxCombinare segnali di input dello stesso tipo di dati e complessità in vettore virtuale
Parameter WriterWrite to block parameter or variable
SelectorSelezionare gli elementi di input da un vettore, una matrice o un segnale multidimensionale
State ReaderRead a block state
State WriterWrite to a block state
SwitchSwitch output between first input and third input based on value of second input
Variant EndDefine end of bounded region (Da R2024a)
Variant SinkRoute amongst multiple outputs using variants
Variant SourceRoute among multiple inputs using variants
Variant StartDefine start of bounded region (Da R2024a)
Vector ConcatenateConcatenate input vectors of same data type for iterative processing